Home Correspondent
(a durational performance)

The voice of middle England is in my head, drilled there by years of Radio 4 as I was growing up and now that I'm grown up. Radio 4 in the background, Radio 4 in my background, Radio 4 over dinner, swallowing it down, keeping it down. I don't even hear it any more, like the silence between the pips. Home Correspondent is a long-overdue forced regurgitation.

This piece is a live real-time solo broadcast. I listen to Radio 4 on headphones, marking the time with meals which I must eat all of, whether I'm hungry for them or not, relentlessly attempting to repeat aloud everything I hear, as I hear it.

The full length of this piece is 19 hours and 40 minutes, from the 05:20 shipping forecast until the end of the 00:48 shipping forecast. I also perform shorter versions of the work.

Images © Greg Goodale at Toynbee Studios, Steakhouse Live Tender Loin #5

© Greg Goodale
© Greg Goodale
© Greg Goodale
© Greg Goodale
© Greg Goodale