Borrowed Time
(a video experiment with Tim Etchells)

In this video exchange, two artists - one established, the other less so - enter a game of virtual dialogue across a generation. In two 12 minute videos, the artists are recorded looking straight to camera whilst, via overlaid audio recordings, they each describe what they imagine the other might be thinking.

Borrowed Time creates a charged and playful circling of questions related to ambition, legacy, support and affinity.

Based on the structure of Tim Etchells' 2001 video work Down Time and commissioned in 2013 for the Live Art Development Agency's Peopling the Palace event, at Queen Mary University, London.

Images © Hester Chillingworth & Tim Etchells

http://hesterchillingworth.com/files/gimgs/th-6_Borrowed-Time---Video-2013---Hester-Chillingworth and Tim Etchells---Image-Courtesy-of-the-Artists-72dpi.jpg
© Hester Chillingworth & Tim Etchells